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Evaluate the Quality, Capacity and Effectiveness of
Container-Based Sterile Slush.

SurgiSLUSH™ 4-Liter and 2-Liter Slush Freezers
Secure, Re-Usable Containers Eliminate Slush Drapes and Slush Bags.
Optional Protective Container System™ Ensures Tamper-Proof Security and

Secure, Convenient Slush Dispensing

High Capacity.
Smart Machines.

™ freezers produce up to four one-liter containers of smooth sterile slush every 30 - 60 minutes. Users set their freezer timers to produce the exact texture of slush desired.


Container-based, automated freezers save valuable sterile field space. They are non-sterile and used where most efficient to serve multiple procedures. Quiet enough for in-room use but most users place them between rooms to leverage capacity.


HIGH VOLUME OUTPUT - A growing number of cardiac teams supply multiple procedures easily from one high-capacity SurgiSLUSH™ freezer. Transplant and procurement teams are easily producing and banking 20 liters or more of slush to use as needed. PRODUCTIVE & FLEXIBLE


SOPHISTICATED CONTROL - Users pre-set SurgiSLUSH™ to automatically start up and produce smooth slush in the morning for tomorrow’s procedures. SMART


One surgeon whose facility recently evaluated our system dryly told his team, “After 30 years somebody finally figured out surgical slush.” EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE


Re-Usable, hydrophobic containers provide highly secure sterile barriers and always make smooth slush. Evaluate today’s standard for producing and using slush wisely with a new, tamper-evident double-container system.


TWO SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS: Our Protective Container System(PCS™) encloses and locks our re-usable containers inside with tamper-evident security through production and use. In procedure rooms circulators open the PCS™ locking cap and deliver the inner Re-Usable Slush Container™ back to the sterile field. Teams are using the inner slush containers as secure, convenient dispensers. Evaluate this system for slush security, convenience and economy. TAMPER-EVIDENT SECURITY - SMART, CONVENIENT DISPENSING


SurgiSLUSH™ is perfectly designed for programs with hybrid procedure rooms. Request or produce one or two containers of perfectly smooth slush to keep available if needed - always ready. No machines needed in the room. Saves space and can significantly reduce capital and recurring costs. EFFECTIVE AND ECONOMICAL


Please contact us for pricing, product information and clinical evaluations.

high capacity FREEZERS

SurgiSLUSH™ freezers significantly reduce slush units needed to supply even the largest programs. Clinical teams are efficiently supplying multiple procedures with secure, tamper-evident containers. Press one button to produce 20 liters or more of slush. Bank the slush containers in a fridge (also available) CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY. Evaluate how effective, and intelligent system our SurgiSLUSH™ design.


Hydrophobic, re-usable (autoclavable) containers always produce smooth slush. This is a greener sterile barrier and there is serious science going on inside our re-usable containers. They provide repeatably smooth, high quality slush. Evaluating teams report that these slush containers make highly secure, convenient and space-saving dispensers. Simply, securely resupply as needed.


Users of the Protective Container System™ (PCS™) deploy tamper-evident containers to multiple procedures. In procedure rooms circulators unlock the PCS™ cap to deliver their inner, re-usable containers back to the sterile field. Users and evaluating teams report high satisfaction with the security, efficiency and ease of this system. Evaluate to analyze the flexibility and effectiveness of secure, containerized slush for your program.

hybrid TEAMS BANK liters of SLUSH FOR IMMEDIATE use -
NO WASTE & No wait

Hybrid room teams with SurgiSLUSH™ available simply produce a liter or two of containerized slush for always-ready access and use. Some hybrid room teams simply ask users to make them a liter or two of slush. No wasted time and cost setting up or draping a slush unit. Staffs are finding that they need no slush unit in the hybrid room.

The future is
container-Based slush

High-capacity, flexibility And computerized control

High-Capacity slush freezers produce containers of slush in quantity. SurgiSLUSH™ users utilize a sophisticated yet simple touch-pad controller. Press one button to initiate the highly visible, count-down timer to track slush readiness. High-volume programs are producing and banking large volumes of secure, containerized slush. Transplant, organ procurement, and hybrid room teams always have slush ready for use. Pre-set control wakes up unit to produce slush the next day. Each morning four liters of slush per slush freezer are available. Or refrigerate and produce another four liters.

Product SFU-4.0

hydrophobic, re-usable containers - perfect slush

Users value this greener, truly robust sterile barrier technology for producing and using surgical slush. Our Re-Usable Slush Containers™ are made from an incredibly tough and hydrophobic material. Some serious thermal and material science produces repeatably smooth slush. The Re-Usable containers are the platform for a highly effective, flexible and secure slush container system. Use with the PCS™ to maximize the security and convenience of this effective slush container system.

Product RSC-1L

protective Container System™ for safe slush

C Change Protective Containers enclose and lock our re-usable slush containers inside for tamper-evident security during production and distribution. Circulators simply unlock and remove the PCS™ cap to deliver the re-usable container back to the sterile field. Feedback indicates the PCS™ is very easy to use and it enables the re-usable containers to serve as secure, convenient slush dispensers. 

Product PCS-1.0

About Us

C Change Surgical LLC, founded in 2004, is a privately held company that operates from the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC.


C Change develops, patents, manufactures and markets computerized electronic systems that control sterile surgical fluid temperature. C Change technologies significantly reduce direct costs, reduce risk, improve patient safety and increase surgical team efficiency. Change Surgical holds over 25 US and international patents that generate revenue and protect innovative technologies. We proudly develop, design and manufacture exclusively in the USA.

C Change has introduced the world’s first Container-Based, Re-Usable automated sterile slush freezer system and the first new surgical slush technology in nearly 30 years. Our product development progress in the last two years has been dramatic and we thank the nurse leaders and experienced clinicians who provided invaluable input. With expert input we have enhanced capacity, utility and flexibility while solving significant sterile barrier security concerns. In surgical slush the future is now.


We design and build products that address clinical and economic issues. We rely on technician, nurse and surgeon advisors to guide us through our product development efforts. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us.

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