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The Science and Future of Surgical Slush.

SurgiSLUSH™ 2-Liter and 4-Liter Surgical Slush Machines Serve Multiple Rooms With Perfectly Smooth Slush Every Time.
Re-Usable, Secure Containers Eliminate the Risk of Contamination and Reduce Direct Costs.
Fully Automated and Ideal for Hybrid Rooms. We Are the NOW Slush Solution.

ONE machine SERVEs

SurgiSLUSH™ significantly reduces capital equipment costs by using one machine to serve multiple rooms. Simply distribute secure containers to procedure rooms as needed.

INNOVATIVE, re-usable, HYDROPHOBIC Containers

Users create sterile slush inside secure, re-usable, hydrophobic containers that always produce perfect slush. Erase prolonged exposure to open basins and the risk of unintended contamination.

MAKE PERFECT SLUSH where you want

Your staff can make slush inside or outside procedure rooms. Remove a potential disruptor of sterile field airflows near your patient. Save sterile field space and make slush smarter.

make slush now or pre-set it to start TOMORROW

You can set SurgiSLUSH™ to start anytime. It switches automatically to Maintain Mode to keep your slush smooth and clump-free until needed. SurgiSLUSH™ fits YOUR schedule.

We know slush.
Perfect slush.

SurgiSLUSH™ creates perfectly smooth slush using the same highly reliable, efficient cooling system found in commercial freezer units.  Insert our hydrophobic, re-usable slush containers, press the Slush Mode button and walk away. SurgiSLUSH™ creates perfect slush in 35-45 minutes then automatically switches to Maintain Mode to keep your slush smooth and clump-free until needed. Set start-time to make slush when YOU need it - even the next morning.


Our re-usable, hydrophobic SurgiSLUSH™ containers eliminate single-use slush drapes. You make slush in secure, closed containers. You erase prolonged slush exposure in open basins, potential drape leaks and a risk of unintended contamination. Join the crowd and use secure, perfectly smooth slush every time.


Save valuable sterile field space and eliminate a potential source of disrupted airflows near the patient. You can position SurgiSLUSH™ inside or outside of procedure rooms and serve multiple rooms from one machine. Gain efficiency and free your sterile team from maintaining and monitoring slush in the sterile field.


SurgiSLUSH™ is Ideal for hybrid procedure rooms. With our secure, hydrophobic containers your slush is always ready, saving your staff valuable time while erasing the cost of a disposable slush drape.


We design and build the products that you want to use. We rely on our nurse, tech and surgeon advisors to guide us throughout our research and development. If you have ideas or suggestions, please know that we use your insights to make better products.


Please contact us with suggestions, ideas or a request for information.

About Us

C Change Surgical LLC, founded in 2004, is a privately held company that operates from the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC.


C Change develops, patents, manufactures and markets computerized electronic systems that control sterile surgical fluid temperature. Our technologies significantly reduce direct costs, reduce risk, improve patient safety and increase surgical team efficiency. Change Surgical holds over 20 US and international patents which disclose innovative technologies that directly reduce costs and improve clinical care. We proudly develop, design and manufacture exclusively in the USA.

C Change has introduced the world’s first fully automated, re-usable surgical slush system and the first new slush technology in over 25 years. We have continued refining and developing our slush system. Our product progress in the last two years has been dramatic and will continue. We pursue continuous product development in order to enhance utility, add flexibility and significantly improve sterile security. In surgical slush the future is now.


We design and build the products that surgical teams want to use. We rely on technician, nurse and surgeon advisors to guide us through our product development efforts. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us. We rely on your insights to make better products.

Management Team Industry Experience: 

Experienced (Fortune 500) Medical Device Industry Team

Proven Start-Up & Development Team
Expert Research, Design and Product Development
Hold Over 20 US & PCT Patents
Successful Product Licensing to Fortune 500 Healthcare Firm
Advanced Product Design and Production Engineering



The future of slush is now

a new way

25 years ago the old system was state of the art. We listened carefully to you and developed a closed, highly secure slush system that produces perfect slush outside of the sterile field. You gain flexiiblity and can distribute perfect slush to several rooms.

a better solution

You want to eliminate vulnerable, costly slush drapes and use a greener, truly economical slush system. Our re-usable, hydrophobic containers make secure, smooth slush every time. You make slush where convenient and never disturb airflow near the patient.

the future is now

C Change just introduced a highly economical, flexible four-liter slush system. Our newest unit serves multiple rooms and can be set to make slush when you need it - even the next morning. Set and forget. The future of surgical slush is now.

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