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SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable surgical slush machine and protective containers. No slush drapes.

Streamlined Workflow. Automated Expertise. Sealed Sterility. Multi-Room Supply.

Smart System Components

illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ programmable auto-freezer. Closed system surgical slush machine means no slush drapes, no open basin.
Set & Forget Smart Freezers

So simple. So smart. So consistent. SurgiSLUSH™ freezers automatically make, maintain & protect expert slush before cases start. Simple set & forget freezers erase sterile slush labor during cases. And smart freezers enable efficient stockpiling of sealed slush for high-volume or multi-room supply. Today’s teams prefer automated, expert slush for every case.

illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ inner hydrophobic container. No slush drape waste.
Reusable Sterile Slush Dispensers

Hi-tech AutoSoft™ containers serve as efficient, eco-friendly sterile slush dispensers. During cases, capped dispensers keep sterile slush covered, not exposed. Reusable dispensers replace large, disposable slush drapes and reduce waste. And using one-liter increments cuts sterile saline usage. AutoSoft™ dispensers automate clinical & economic advantages.

Illustration of SurgiSLUSH™️ outer protective container used with surgical slush machine.
Sealed Outer Protective Containers

Add sealed protection. Subtract open-air exposure. Sealed sterile slush containers lock out airborne contaminants and water-avid pathogens.
Sealed slush aligns with today’s guidelines on limiting ambient exposure. And users visually confirm sterile barrier integrity BEFORE every slush use. Today's teams recognize sealed protection as an infection prevention asset.
See independent laboratory report.

illustration of premium transfer cooler.
Premium Transfer Coolers (Optional)

Some surgeons prefer a quiet operating room. During set-up, their teams supply sealed, expert slush in premium transfer coolers. Their slush remains silently sealed & protected against exposure and contaminants until it’s needed and dispensed. Leading programs prefer flexible, protected sterile slush supply with less equipment, less labor and less distraction.

SurgiSLUSH™️ closed one-touch auto-freezer next to sealed container system. No slush drapes.

Sealed. Streamlined. Smart Supply.

SurgiSLUSH™️ Overwhelmingly Preferred by Evaluating Teams 

Smarter, simpler sterile slush is IN.
More than 90% of evaluating teams now switch to SurgiSLUSH™.
Informed slush users recognize significant clinical & economic advantages.

Sealed Slush. An Infection Prevention Asset

SurgiSLUSH™ users lock out airborne contaminants and fluid-avid pathogens with closed freezers and sealed containers. Guidelines have changed since open-air units were designed. A sealed system erases exposure and adds protection. And tamper-evident ChillVault™ containers enable visual confirmation of seal integrity before every use.
Knowing sterile barrier integrity BEFORE use is optimal.

Set & Forget System Streamlines Workflow

SurgiSLUSH™ automates expert, ready-to-use slush. Teams delete slush labor during complex cases. And erase variable quality. No machine turnover required. Teams highly prefer no-fuss slush.

Multi-Room Supply:

Closed System SurgiSLUSH™ reduces per-room equipment costs by 25% to 50%. Our users supply more slush with less equipment, less labor and less waste. Today's teams get far more value from smarter, simpler slush.

96% Support for Closed System Slush after Clinical Evaluation.
Slush users want updated sterile slush.

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Simple enough to make everyone a sterile slush expert.
Smart enough to make, maintain & protect until needed.

Streamlined Workflow.  Sealed Security.  Multi-Room Supply. 

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