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Auto-Controlled. Sealed Sterility.
Always Smooth. Advantage SurgiSLUSH™.

SurgiSLUSH™ 2-Liter and 4-Liter Automated Slush Freezer Systems Slash Equipment Costs.
Sealed, Tamper-Evident, Portable Containers Protect Sterility and Eliminate Slush Drapes & Slush Bags.
Cut Spending and Upgrade to a Fast, Smart System Designed for Today.



Auto-Controlled. Smooth. Sealed.


Modern Slush
works for you


Smart freezers work while you get things done

While your team attends to business, SurgiSLUSH™ freezers automatically produce and maintain smooth slush when most efficient.


Touchpad control screen with large countdown timer indicates when slush is ready. 


Many teams make slush near day's end. Ready for tomorrow. Maintained automatically (with slush on hand for emergent use). The fastest slush is already made.


Other users set their freezers to auto-start and produce smooth slush as they drive to work. They arrive with fresh slush ready to supply their cases.


2-liter freezers supply one or two procedure rooms simultaneously. These are the lowest cost, most efficient slush units available today.


4-liter freezers supply multiple rooms simultaneously and deliver high-output efficiency. Facilities are slashing equipment costs with these freezers.


Transplant & procurement teams are rapidly replacing brick slush with these cost-effective, high-output units. Gain control of slush supply, optimize slush quality and significantly reduce costs.

Product Code: SFU-2.0 and

INNER, reusable
Hi-tech containers

Applied materials science provides a smooth hydrophobic surface that repeatably produces optimal slush.


Standard autoclave cycle to sterilize for re-use. Will last indefinitely under proper use and care.


Green, reusable technology.


Wide mouth for easy filling and dispensing.


Capped containers cover slush against prolonged exposure and provide secure, convenient dispensing.


Reusable containers take the place of old machines in the sterile field and save valuable space.


Enjoy a cleaner, quieter, less crowded and more focused sterile field. And make your surgeons happier.

Product Code: RSC-1L











OUTER, Tamper-evident protective Containers

Automate best-practice sterile security. with locked-in protection. Clinician requested & smart.


Protective Containers lock sterile, reusable containers inside. Sealed, tamper-evident security for every use.


Provided single-use in pre-sterilized, individual pouches.


Cap audibly seals to signal locked-in security.


Unlock cap's seal and pass inner container to sterile field for use as secure dispenser. Keeps slush covered until use.


Sealed containers are usable for 24 hours. Reduce wasted fluids using one liter at a time.


Supply ALL slush applications. Reduce SKUs. Protected containers replace slush drapes AND slush bricks.

Product Code: PCS-1.0



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“After 30 years somebody finally figured out surgical slush.”

Cardiac Surgeon | Regional Medical Center

"This is the best slush I've ever used."

Chair | Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery | Academic Medical Center


"I love it." Recovery Manager | OPO


"It was a definite upgrade with sterile slush in a tamper-proof container."

Clinical Director | Perioperative Services


"Should slush in a sterile self-contained package be standard of care? I believe it should. Great patient-safety centered innovation!"

Medical Director | Practicing Urologist


"Nice job on the design. You guys are amazing."

MSN RN BSBA | Transplant Nurse Manager | Academic Medical Center

"I work in the field of organ procurement and recovery. In the OR, the SurgiSLUSH™️ is an invaluable asset to our process. Aside from saving some elbow grease by not needing to pulverize 5 to 10 bags of saline blocks, the quality of the slush is second to none. Everyone, from the scrub techs to the surgeons themselves loves them. Efficiency during recovery operations more than doubles when you can have this product from the cooler into the sterile field in an instant."
RCP RRT | Procurement & Transplant Coordinator | OPO


"The SurgiSLUSH™ freezer is a major improvement over our old system! This system can provide slush for multiple rooms. The OR environment is much quieter, and less crowded. We make the slush in the morning before our cases start so they are ready for the day and the quality of the slush is far superior over the other technology. With this system, our surgeons have smoother, high quality slush to work with and our nurses don't have to attend to making sure the slush is maintained ..."
Clinical Coordinator | Cardiothoracic Surgery

"The SurgiSLUSH™ Unit is very user friendly and one unit has allowed us to make slush for multiple specialties at the same time."

Director | Surgery

"Our experience has been very favorable."

Chief Medical Officer | OPO Executive VP | Leading Transplant Surgeon


“It has produced consistent quality slush every single time.”
“It’s great to have one piece of equipment to service multiple rooms.”
“The surgeons love the quality of the slush!”
“It is extremely easy to use SurgiSLUSH™.”

Staff | CVOR


"The slush was perfect!!!!! (AND THE ROOM WAS SO QUIET) without that noisy slush making machine that we have been using! ”

BSN RN CNOR | Unit Based Educator | CVOR

"We have one...a fantastic device." CEO | OPO

“The SurgiSLUSH™ machine has created a great, consistent slush that our surgeons love.
It’s easy to use and the maintenance mode helps our team prepare earlier in the day for cases. “

Recovery Specialist | OPO








C Change Surgical LLC, founded in 2004, is a privately held company that operates from the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC. We proudly develop, design and manufacture exclusively in the USA.


C Change develops, manufactures and markets computerized clinical automation that controls sterile surgical fluid temperature. Our automated freezers and innovative containers reduce direct costs, improve sterile security & patient safety and increase process efficiency.


C Change Surgical owns a growing portfolio of over 25 US and international patents that protect innovative temperature-control technologies.


Our product development progress over the last four years has been dramatic. We enhanced ease-of-use, delivered sterile security and automated high-volume slush supply.


We thank the many experienced clinicians who provided invaluable input. Clinical teams now get MORE from their sterile slush system thanks to your help. We benefit from valuable nurse, surgical technician and surgeon input and apply this feedback in our continuous product development. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions.


Read our corporate profile in the July 2019 issue of OR Today.



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