Operating room nurse looking down and concentrating on tasks. No sterile drape or open basin slush.

      Closed System Benefits

    Superior Sterile Security. Finally. Slush you can Trust.
    • Closed freezers/tamper-evident containers protect slush until use.
    • Intact container seals confirm sterile barrier integrity BEFORE every use.
    • No more hours-long open-basin exposures before use.
    • No more guarding exposed, unprotected slush during schedule delays.

    One-Touch Efficiency. Ready & waiting. Secure, custom slush.
    • Patented technology makes, maintains & protects customized slush.
    • Equalizes slush-making skills. Lowers stress. Surgeons smile.
    • Erases distracting intraoperative slush labor and noise.
    • Delay-Start function makes slush on your schedule.
    • No case distruptions from sterile barrier issues.
    • Removes a trip hazard by erasing a cord from sterile space.
    • Increases sterile space with no draped machines.

    Greater Supply. Higher Output. Multi-Case Usability.
    • Superior economics. Less equipment supplies more cases.
    • Superior output. Slush. Store. One touch makes more.
    • Portable. Premium coolers supply multiple cases.
    • Extended usability. Sealed slush is usable for 24 hours.
    • Greener tech. Reusable containers cut material waste.
    • Consolidates purchasing. Portable slush supplies all uses.
    • Saves sterile fluid using one liter at a time.


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