Streamlining Slush. Less Waste. Less cost.

Why do over 90% of today’s evaluating teams switch to SurgiSLUSH™?
During our product research, clinical leaders across North America requested a sterile slush system with updated efficiency, economy and sterile security.


Efficiency: Teams Prefer Set & Forget, Auto-Expert Supply
Team leaders increase efficiency by automating expertise across their entire staff and gain precise, predictive slush supply.
Staff members and surgeons prefer ready-to-use, always expert slush.

Economy: More Supply. Less Equipment. Less Waste.
SurgiSLUSH™ users reduce equipment costs by 25% to 50%. And single-liter slush increments reduce waste and cost.
Teams appreciate streamlined supply, used as needed, one liter at a time.

Exposure: Teams Move from Open-Air to Closed System
Guidelines have changed. Teams now prefer to delete extended exposure to align with current guidelines.
They add hours of protection from airborne contaminants & fluid-avid pathogens for every patient.

Years of Data on Problematic Sterile Slush Barriers
From introduction in 2018 to today, our sealed, tamper-evident container system has zero (0) MAUDE reports.
See independent laboratory sterility testing results.

Detecting Sterile Barrier Product Failure
Clinicians cannot see through liters of slush. Drape failures are notoriously difficult to detect during cases.
With sealed ChillVault™ slush containers, users confirm an intact seal for every patient before slush is used.

We gathered input and then applied Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) to create a modernized sterile slush system designed for today. SurgiSLUSH™ automates advantages and obsoletes problems. Clinical teams prefer simpler, smarter slush.

SurgiSLUSH™️ two liter and four liter auto-freezers side by side

Set & Forget System

Product Codes: SFU-4.0 and SFU-2.0

  • •  Automates expert slush for every case
    •  Auto-maintains & auto-protects until needed
    •  Enables high-volume & multi-room supply
    •  Non-sterile. Placed where most efficient.
    •  Touchscreen user interface
    •  Start Delay Function produces slush on your schedule
    •  Large countdown timer displays slush status
    •  Lighted interior chamber. System stops when door is open for user safety.
  • 4-L Dimensions: W: 21.0” (533 mm), D: 28.2” (716 mm), H: 63.1” (1602 mm)
    2-L Dimensions: W: 21.0” (533 mm), D: 28.2” (716 mm), Ht: 50.7” (1288 mm)
    120 Volt AC, 60 Hz, 12 Amps (15 AMP recommended)
Inner hydrophobic container highlighted next to protective container system

AutoSoft™️ Reusable Dispenser

Product Code: RSC-1L

  • •  Reusable dispensers; use standard autoclave cycle.
    •  Auto-produces predictively expert, atraumatic slush.
    •  Keeps slush covered until use.
    •  Holds one liter of standard saline or preferred medical fluid.
    •  One liter increments reduce saline use and waste
    •  Silent throughout each procedure
    •  Space-efficient in sterile field.
    •  Durable. Will last indefinitely with proper care.

Outer protective container highlighted next to inner container

ChillVault™️ Protective Container

Product Code: PCS-1.0

    • •  Tamper-evident security
      •  Seals  confirm sterile barrier integrity
      •  Portable for flexible supply
      •  24-hour usability
      •  Recyclable.
      •  Low material mass cuts waste
      •  Pre-sterilized in peel pouch
      •  Single use. Sold in boxes of 8 each.

      See independent laboratory report
Outer protective container highlighted next to inner container

Premium Transfer Cooler

Product Code: PTC-4L

    • •  Enables multi-case supply of sealed, ready-to-use slush
      •  Erases distracting slush labor during cases
      •  Obsoletes costly slush machines in every sterile field
      •  Holds up to four (4) sealed, protected containers
    • Dimensions: 19.0" x 12.9" x 17.8"  

Simple enough to make everyone a sterile slush expert.
Smart enough to make, maintain & protect until needed.

Streamlined Workflow.  Sealed Security.  Multi-Room Supply. 

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